Top Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Top Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Mar 07, 2019


Top Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Prepare for the season ahead with these easy home maintenance tasks.

Ah, spring. With fresh flowers, cut grass, and a bit more sunshine, it's easy to sit back, relax, and enjoy the season. But before you head outside and enjoy the warmer weather, spare a thought for your home. It has seen you through the chilly winter, now it's time to get it ready for the spring season ahead! For the home maintenance tasks that get your home spring-ready, read on! Clean, clean, clean! What would spring be without a bit of spring cleaning? Take the time to move room by room through your home, scrubbing the walls, vacuuming, and dusting. Getting rid of the winter blues is that easy! Declutter. Spring is the ideal time to store away your winter clothes and bring out your summer ones. While you're at it, tidy up the home by removing unused and unwanted items. Examine the exterior. Walk around the outside of your home and check that all is in order. Examine the roof for missing shingles and any damage, and repair as necessary. Unclog the gutters and direct downspouts away from the home's foundation. Inspect the systems. After winter and before summer is upon us, call a professional to inspect the HVAC systems in your home. Your AC should be in good working order for the hot weather ahead, and your heater should be safely wrapped up until the autumn. While you're at it, replace the air filters. These tips will help to prepare your home for the season ahead. To find the best home insurance policy to fit your needs, contact Bell Black Insurance today!  We serve all insurance needs for those in Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming.