Protect Yourself with Towing and Labor Coverage

Protect Yourself with Towing and Labor Coverage

Sep 29, 2014

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Protect Yourself with Towing and Labor Coverage
With all the options that are available when you are looking into an auto insurance policy, you can easily be a little overwhelmed. While there are some options that may not apply to you, you should always consider investing in the towing and labor option. Towing and labor, which is also called emergency roadside service, can help you if you are ever stuck on the side of the road. The option is offered by most insurance providers, and can even be purchased independently through your auto insurance policy. Make sure to look into your already existing auto insurance policy before purchasing the additional coverage, since many policies already include the coverage. Towing and labor coverage can be helpful in many different situations. If you are stick on the side of the road for any reason, towing and labor coverage will provide the protection needed so that you can make it to your destination safely. Most emergency roadside assistance coverage options will cover a variety of different incidents, no matter the amount of coverage that you choose, including:
  • Towing, as long as it is not related to a traffic accident
  • Oil, gas, and water delivery to keep your vehicle running safely
  • Locksmith services if you lock yourself out of your vehicle
  • Jump starts if your battery is dead
  • Tire changes if you get a flat while on the road
  • Mechanical labor to fix your vehicle on site
When choosing the right amount of coverage, it is important to think about your lifestyle. Ask your insurance agent for advice on the amount of towing and labor insurance coverage that you should invest in. For all of your auto insurance needs to ensure that your car, truck, or RV is protected in any situation, contact the insurance professionals at Bell Black Insurance. We can provide you with the most comprehensive insurance policy to fit all of your needs, with the most competitive rates in Idaho.