Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

Apr 15, 2016

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Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

Types of Business Insurance Rexburg ID

Does your business have protective insurance all round?

Businesses need a variety of insurance policies to protect their company's specific needs. As every business runs differently, each company and workplace will need unique insurance rather than an off-the-rack policy. Get your business the tailored coverage that it needs and deserves! Here are policies that your business should consider: Liability Insurance Every business needs liability insurance. This covers your business from damages or injuries caused to others. Businesses can be sued when someone is injured, or their property is damaged due to your negligence. Should someone fall and injure themselves in your workplace, should they slap you with a lawsuit, liability insurance can minimize the financial and reputation damage. Property Coverage If you own a building, you need to protect it. Should a fire destroy the building and contents, it could severely hinder your business and future. This is where properly coverage steps in to cover repairing and rebuilding costs resulting from a fire, natural disaster, and burst pipes. Workers' Compensation Even a business with one employee is required to have workers' compensation. This covers the liability risks if an individual is injured while on the job. This will provide financial aid to cover the employee's medical expenses and lost wages instead of suing your company for all its worth. Commercial Flood Insurance Flood damages are not typically covered in property coverage. Therefore, should your building suffer from a flood and you didn't spring for flood insurance, you'll be left facing the repairing and replacing bills - for your entire office. This can set any company back thousands - so protect yours! Cyber Liability Insurance Does your business store data online? If you're like most modern companies, you do! This coverage is a safety net for your business should it suffer from a data hacking, leak of information, or any other cyber liability! As a business owner, do you have all the necessary coverages in place? If you're feeling overwhelmed with what you need, talk to a professional insurance expert. At Bell Black Insurance, we can secure your business insurance to suit your needs, risks, and budget in the Oakley, Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, Jackson, and Star Valley communities in Idaho!