When Should I Apply for Newborn Health Insurance?

When Should I Apply for Newborn Health Insurance?

Apr 22, 2021


When Should I Apply for Newborn Health Insurance?
Many assume that maternity care includes coverage for a newborn, but this isn't the case. Healthcare services for children are essential benefits that are covered by most marketplace plans. Most companies do not allow individual health coverage for a newborn, but they can be included in an existing family policy or group health insurance policy. To get health insurance for your baby, you must enroll in a new plan or add your child to your already existing health insurance plan. Usually, newborns are covered under their mother's health insurance policy for the first 30 days. This automatic coverage exists only for a short period, after which the mother has to contact her provider to enroll the child as a beneficiary under her health coverage. The 30-day grace period is to give the mother enough time to rest before having to meet with her provider concerning her child's healthcare. You do not have to submit your child's legal certificates on day one, but do not wait until day 30 either. The 30-day rule does not apply to all providers. Some insurance companies give you just one to two weeks before you need to submit your newborn's insurance application.

How to Add Your Newborn to Your Health Plan

If you want to put your baby on your health plan, contact your provider and make sure that you have his or her birth certificate and social security number. These pieces of information are for legal identification that the insurance companies can use to enroll the baby. Tell them you're a new mother and would like to add your child to your health plan. Mothers without existing healthcare insurance have to purchase one for themselves before they can add their baby. Choosing not to purchase coverage for your newborn can result in several out-of-pocket expenses because newborn babies are susceptible to developing several health conditions. If coverage is provided by your employer, you are likely to have a benefits coordinator. New mothers are obligated to contact the benefits coordinator to add their babies to the plan without much work on your, the parent's part. The change is easy, and your main role will be to provide the legal identification details. If you are in charge of your insurance plan, you should prepare for calls and set aside time to get this taken care of right away. It is best to contact your insurance company sooner rather than later. By day thirty, your baby must have his or her insurance policy because the automatic coverage would have expired by day 31. If you want to avoid any potential delays, you can submit your application within a few days of the birth of the baby. It gives you time to sort out any issue and provide all the requested documentation before the expiration date. To learn more about how best to protect your newborn's future, contact the team at Bell Black Insurance. We can help you tend to your health insurance needs so that you get the best value for your money. We serve Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming.