Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Floods?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Floods?

Dec 23, 2021


Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Floods?
Homeowners insurance is residential insurance that protects the home from disaster and theft. Its coverage is mainly for dwelling and personal property. The dwelling structure helps cover damage to your home structure and other attached structures from perils clearly stated in the policy. Property coverage pays for the damage to the belongings in the home. It also covers cases of theft. Other coverages offered by home insurance are medical coverage and liability coverage. However, will homeowners insurance cover flood damage? Read on to find out!

What Peril Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A basic home insurance policy covers damage to your home and its belongings in the event of
  • Theft
  • Hailstorm
  • Wind storm
  • Fire and smoke
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Lightning damage
  • Damage from vehicle and aircraft

How to Reduce the Risk of Water Damage?

Typically, homeowners provide coverage from water damage caused by wind-driven rain, damage from an ice dam, burst or leaking pipe, rainfall, damage from a faulty dishwasher, etc. The policy will only cover damage, not the source of the damage. To reduce the risk of water damage to your home, you should do the following;

Prevent seepage 0f water into the basement

Reseal cracks in your basement. Cracks in the foundation 0ften lead to water in the basement. Sealing your basement will prevent water seepage after a heavy downpour. Also, make sure to drain water away from the building to prevent rainwater from flowing into the foundation.

Understand your home plumbing system and maintain it

Inspect the hoses leading to the dishwasher and the water heater. Also, check faucets to see if they are broken. Shut off the water supply when you are away from home for extended periods. Check the plumbing for cracks and arrange for necessary repairs where needed.

Protect and repair the exterior of your home

Inspect the roof and replace worn-out or loose shingles. Remove debris from the roof gutter or install a new one if needed. Seal off the windows to prevent seepage, and ensure that sprinklers are not creating more water damage.

What Will Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

Damage resulting from unresolved maintenance issues

Homeowners insurance may cover the cost of replacing or repairing damage caused by a dishwasher, but if the damage results from an unresolved maintenance issue, like a damaged faucet, it will not cover the damage.

Repair or replacement cost of the source of damage

This insurance will only cover the damage, not the source of the damage. For instance, it may fix the floor if it gets damaged by a faulty dishwasher, but it will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing the dishwasher.


Homeowners insurance will not cover any form of flood damage, whether due to a storm, surging water bodies, or over-saturated ground. This is because floods are considered a high-risk situation that is not profitable to insurers. For expert guidance on home insurance, contact our team at Bell Black Insurance today! We will help you cover your home and its belongings against potential risks at affordable rates.