These Workplace Trends Can Improve Your Business Growth

These Workplace Trends Can Improve Your Business Growth

May 24, 2018


These Workplace Trends Can Improve Your Business Growth

These Workplace Trends Can Improve Your Business GrowthChanges businesses should consider to continue to grow.

The workplace isn't what is used to be. Globalization, politics, technology, and cultural changes are changing not only what workers do, but also where they do it. When the times change, your business needs to change, too. Business owners who want to keep their top talent should think about adopting trends that allow employees and employers to grow.
  • Offer a flexible work schedule.
Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Employees are looking for businesses that can offer them more than just a few strict hours in the office. Implementing flexible office hours is now easier than ever, and more employers are offering employees the option to work from home. Making it clear that employees must complete their workload, employees and employers share power. Working outside of the standard 9-5 tag has the capability to revolutionize your office through a high standard of work and life.
  • Implement mentoring.
Today, there are more and more employees not only looking for a job but also looking for a role in which they can learn from a mentor. Especially among new graduates, mentorship is becoming increasingly important. Allowing for growth under a senior employee, mentorship is rising. What's great about it is that both parties grow and are satisfied.
  • Design the office to an open floor plan.
Fostering creativity, teamwork, and workplace camaraderie, open floor plans make for a positive workplace. Easily adding to the working culture, these floor plans allow the employee and business growth. The open floor plan encourages communication and breaks down hierarchies that can be hindering growth. In a comfortable environment, we're more likely to enjoy work more and create a higher level of employee engagement.   Protect your business in one of the best ways - by securing insurance. Contact Bell Black Insurance.  Serving Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming, we are ready to get you covered today.