Tips to Save Money on Your Landscaping

Tips to Save Money on Your Landscaping

Sep 22, 2014

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Tips to Save Money on Your Landscaping
Re-doing your yard is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. It can also lead to high costs, both to buy the new plants and on your water bill if it is not done correctly. Keep these tips in mind to help keep the cost of your new landscaping low.
  • Avoid costly mistakes. Before starting your project, make sure that you know how your outdoor space is going to be used. Make sure that you do not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a specific feature that will never be used.
  • Use what you have. Try and preserve as many plants as possible to cut down on the cost of buying new plants. Simply replanting a plant in a colorful pot can give your yard a whole new look.
  • Buy at the right time. Different plants are cheaper during different times of the season. Make sure to ask your local nursery when plants will be on sale.
  • Let your lawn rest. Allowing more time in between each time you mow your lawn can also help you spread out the time between when you have to water your lawn.
  • Use mulch. Mulch can help to keep the roots of your plants moist for longer and helps eliminate water evaporation so that you do not have to water as often.
  • Buy a rain barrel. Rain barrels can be used to collect rain water that can be used to water your plants so that you do not have to pay for as much water usage.
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